lip locked baits custom soft plastics made in canada

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Lip Locked Baits Worms

Lip Locked Stick Baits

lip locked baits soft plastic stick baitsWe offer 3,4,5,6,7" Stick baits which can be made with tips, floating tips & 50/50 split colours. 3,4,5" sold in 10 packs 6,7" sold in packs of 8!

Our stick baits can compete with the best in the industry, they are soft, durable and salted to perfection!!!

Texas or Wacky rigged they are irrisistable & once the fish bite they won't let them go!!!

A must have for every angler!!!


Coming Soon 5" Lip Locked Fat Sticks

Our oversized 5" Fat sticks have great action and entice bigger bites due to the bigger profile and unique action. Sold in packs of 8


Slick & Sassy

lip locked bait 5This bait drives fish crazy, with just a light jig or shake this active tail will entice the bites you want.

This versitile bait can be fished as a drop shot, T-rigged, jerked, shakey head or as a trailer.

Great for working lazy bass on those hot summer days!!! sold in packs of 10